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Warts and the epsom salt cure

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Treatment used: epsom salts
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Remedy Description

Removing a stubborn wart: this works over a one or two-week period. Wet a generous amount of

epsom salts; put over the wart to form a mound; cover with gauze and wrap with a bandage. Be sure the salt is over the wart at all times. Moisten occasionally

with water. Once the mound of salt has been applied you will not be able to walk comfortably if the wart is underneath your foot. Leave on overnight, or all

day, if you are at home. Apply a fresh mound of dampened epsom each day. The wart will appear to swell and may appear white as the skin around it swells and

softens with the application of the damp epsom. You must be diligent for this to work. The wart should fall off in a week or two. I discovered this by

experimenting with a plantars wart that was very painful and just would not fall off. I also had a wart on my index finger but I saw a doctor about it and he

prescribed what he called liquid nitrogen. I used it for a few days only and the stubborn, itchy wart fell off. If you've tried other remedies for a stubborn

wart and the remedies have not worked, please give the epsom a try. Remember, you must be diligent. Every day for a week or two. Wart and surrounding skin will

appear bigger and swollen before it falls off, so do not despair.

source: http://www.myhomeremedies.com/topic.cgi?topicid=213

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