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Posion Ivy and the Green Tea cure

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Submit Date: 18 Jul 2007
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Treatment used: green tea
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Remedy Description

newly discovered remedy for poison ivy(worked for me :trial-and -error/

process of elimination/experimentation) see below:

HOT bath/compress or poultice of GREEN TEA bags(12 per bath - 20

minutes) and/or dab for relief. Let dry. follow

with applying 100% Pure Vitamin E oil($2.99 for 2oz. pharmacy). Repeat

as itching suggests. If possible get from

GNC(General Nutrition Center) for $24.95 + tax "SILVER BIOTICS" by

American Biotech Labs , a silver supplement...

USE TOPICALLY. Clears rash in 4 days!! Or if there's another brand w/

Ingredients = Purified water + 10ppm silver (which is parts-per-

million.) Quantum's "Itch Nix Gel($6.49 Whole Foods) provides relief


tablets to ingest:

Hyland's homeopathic "Poison Ivy/Oak" $6.59 for 50 tablets

http://www.hylands.com Please pass along & if possible let me

know if it works for you - not a placebo I've had poison ivy from

Massachusetts & California poison oak AT THE SAME TIME,so i highly

recommend this as a cure - perhaps the sooner applied the sooner the


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