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Breast Cancer and the Copperhead snakes cure

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Treatment used: copperhead snake venom
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I read in the newspaper several years ago.. that several breast cancer patients

who were accidentally bitten by posionous copperhead snakes were cured of

their breast cancer. If I had breast cancer, I'ld rather be bit once

by a copperhead snake, then endure months of chemotherapy, surgery,

and radiation.

Copperhead snake bites are not known to be a killer. The bite can

be severe reaction. You could be sick for up to a month.

I was once bit by a copperhead snake on my finger. My had

swelled up immediately. It felt like a bee sting. I talked to

the snake. I soaked it in a nearby creek and went onto the

swimming hole where I was headed. Then several after hours

swimming and partying I remembered I was snakebit earlier in the day.

I was cured!!! Interesting, before I was bite my 6th sense told me

not to touch the tree branch the snake was on.

This was a hard remedy to discover you had to be bit by a copperhead

snake and have breast cancer too. This remedy was probably discovered in

SE America snake handling Christian churches.

The scientists are now researching the connection between the copperhead snake

and breast cancer. They have been studying a specific protein,

contortrostain (CN), in the snake venom and its effect on breast

cancer in mice. It works!!! They found a 60-70% reduction in the growth rate of breast

tumors and a 90% reduction in tumor metasteases (spread) to the lungs.

The copperhead protein acts by inhibiting the development of new blood vessels to nourish the tumours and by putting tumour cells into a "suspended state of

animation". Prof Markland said the dual action helped prevent the spread of cancer, a process called metastasis.

However, the scientists have isolated only one protein in the snake

venom. There are many other proteins and chemicals in the snake venom.

They also cliam that there are not enough copperhead snakes

to treat all the breast cancer patients, so they are working on

replicating the CN protein. Which they can patent and make money on.

God only knows how many thousands, of snakes they need, to make a

ounce of purified CN. Actually, there are more snakes now

in the Southern USA then there was a 100 years ago. Probably,

about half of our birds, which eat small snakes and snake eggs

have been wipped out, by our chemical use.

Read the book "Silent Spring" by Rachael Carson.

Also the scientist have only tested the CN on breast cancer and have

not checked out other cancers..CN works very similar to new anti-cancer


Also in the article they suggest "several treatments" of CN would

be given. The remedy only called for one bite by one copperhead


Also the USA scientific commuity has only researched the copperhead

snake venom as a cure for breast cancer... Copperhead snake venom

could be effective on other cancers like like lung or bone cancer.

I guess we may have to wait another 20 years before scientists

investigate this...


Update: well the AMA agrees now that it is good for prostrate caner.


Well it didn't take 20 years, maybe 2 years, but how many people have

died or undergone AMA prostrate therapy???


I found a case where a woman

who was in hospice care for Sarcoma cancer

was bitten by a copperhead snake... her cancer

stopped & she got out of hospice care....



on the internet:







"...A PROTEIN found in copperhead snake venom dramatically retards the

growth of breast tumours, scientists reported last week.

Preliminary studies by a research team from the University of Southern

California, led by Professor Francis Markland, have shown that it can also

inhibit growth of other cancers.

In studies with mice implanted with human breast cancer cells, a 60 to 70

per cent reduction in the growth rate of the breast tumours and a 90 per cent

reduction of tumours that spread to the lungs was found in rodents treated

with the protein. However, it will take at least 18 months before the venom

protein will be ready to test on patients.

"We have a long way to go from mice to the female of the human species,"

Prof Markland told colleagues in Boston, at the national meeting of the

American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society. He

said: "We are in the process of genetically engineering the venom. We would

have to milk every snake in the world to get the venom we would need for a


Earlier this year there was great excitement about the efforts to block a

process called angiogenesis, the development of new blood vessels, which is

exploited by a tumour to obtain a supply of nutrients and growth factors, a

disposal route for its wastes, and a route for cancerous cells to


The copperhead protein acts by inhibiting the development of new blood

vessels to nourish the tumours and by putting tumour cells into a "suspended

state of animation". Prof Markland said the dual action helped prevent the

spread of cancer, a process called metastasis.

When first diagnosed with breast cancer, many women already have metastatic

disease, which means that the cancer has spread to another site such as the

lymph nodes, brain or bone. Called contortrostatin, CN, the protein is

purified from the venom of the southern copperhead and is one of a cocktail

used by the snake to immobilise prey, keeping blood fluid so that other

damaging proteins can spread through the body. Prof Markland said: "Snake

venoms in general are loaded with proteins, many of which lead to tissue

destruction at the site of the bite."

The mice trials had not revealed any side-effects other than local bleeding.

CN belongs to a class of proteins known as disintegrins, so named because

they disrupt the function of certain other proteins, called integrins, on the

surface of cells that enable them to stick together.

CN is effective in retarding the spread of tumour cells because it inhibits

their adhesion to and invasion of normal cells. CN would need to be

administered periodically over time in the hope of shrinking the tumour to

a size where treatment could be scaled back or stopped.

Dr Lesley Walker, head of scientific information at the Cancer Research

Campaign, said: "It's the spread of cancer which in the majority of cases

is so devastating. This work is interesting because it is highly targeted to

tumour cell behaviour . . . it's an intelligent way of dealing with cancer

and has therapeutic potential."

It is not the first time that snake venom has been the basis of medical

treatment. Venom from the Brazilian arrowhead viper is used to help reduce

blood pressure

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Comment: Copperhead bites

Submit Date: 17 Nov 2006
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Email Address: joellarocque@gmail.com
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Copperhead bites


The protien derived from the Southern Copperhead ( Agkistrodon contortrix ) is

called "contortrostatin". It is derived from the venom after countless steps

of refineing it. To my knowledge there has never been a death from a

Copperhead bite however I have been bitten three (3) times and I can tell you it

hurts like %&*)^%#.

If it were my wife though I miht be convinced to try anything when all other

hopes have failed. I would hope that narrow minded snake haters might finally

see the benefit these wonderful creatures have waiting for us but some minds can

not be changed.

By the year 2025 I would be willing to bet that countless new drugs will be

available for a variety of ailments and all of these drugs will be derived from

snake venom.

Right now King cobra venom is being used as a pain killer 100 times more potent

then morphine with none of the side effects.

Malayan pitr viper veno0m is used fror high blood preasure. These are a few of

the drugs used for human suffering and still we swerve out of our way to run

over a snake on the road! WHY?

Anyway excuse my typing I have a caustic eye burn and it is hard to read and

even harder to type. Keep looking for news of snake venom, we will all be

readin a lot about those creatures soon.