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Ayahuasca Tea the cure all

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Remedy Description

Source: "Hell and Back", by Kira Salak, Adventure Magazine, March , 2006

Ayahuasca is a mixture of healing plants, it has been used for thousands

of years by the Indians of the Amazon basin. The main chemical in

the brew is dimethyltryptamine (DMT) although chemically different from

LSD it does have hallucinogenic properties.

Ayahuasca is documented to have cured the dissaperance of everything

from metastasized colrectal cancer, cocaine addiction, to depression

The leading expert is Dr. Charles Grob, at UCLA, launched the Huasca

Project, which studied the members of the Uniao do Vegetal (UDV) who

take it legally in Brazil. UDV members have expierence remissions in

addictions, depression, and anxiety disorders


Dr. Grob found that in their blood samples Avahuasca increases the

sensitifity to serotonin-- a mood regulating chemical-- by increasing the

number of serotonin receptors on the nerve cells.

Dr. Grob calls the SSRI anti-depresent drugs, "a rather crude way".

SSRIs, drugs increase high levels of serotonin that the nerve cells

compensate by loosing some of their serotonin receptors.

Whereas, Ayahuasca enchances the bodys ability to absorb the

serotonin that's naturally there.


For Shamanic Workshops including ceremonies of the sacred

visionary medicine Ayahuasca.


This remedy can also be used for:

cocaine addictions anxiety disorders cancer

Comment: beware if taking ssrs's drugs

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beware if taking ssrs's drugs


"Just remember, folks, if you're taking antidepressants and you're not DAMNED

SURE they are NOT SSRI type, stop taking them six weeks before imbibing in

the sacred Ayahuasca. Because SSRIs take a long time to leave the system,

and mixing them with Ayahuasca can quickly kill you. "Google "serotonin

syndrome" for details."

Comment: Thani Ayahuasca & Wachuma Retreats

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