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Broccoli Tea and the Cancer Cure

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Submit Date: 31 Jul 2004
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Treatment used: broccoli tea
You can buy this remedy at: American Foundation for Medicine Prevention ... 800-558-2376
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Country of Remedy: USA
Remedy Source: Saturday Evening Post, March/April 2004
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Remedy Description

"Broccoli Tea was developed by researchers at John Hopkins Medical School

The research team found that the antioxident in broccoli triggered the

production of enzymes that helped detoxify cancer causing chemicals.

Teas enhanced with the antioxidant SGS ( sulforaphane glucosinolate)

are produced in decaf, caffinated, and herbal in eight different


You can make the tea your self from fresh Broccoli or

To order premade tea boxes contact

American Foundation for Prevention Medicine

PO Box 576, Indiainapolic, IN 46206-0567


each box cost $5.95

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