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Posion Ivy and the water soak piss cure

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Submit Date: 16 May 2003
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Treatment used: uring piss water
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Remedy Description

I've since learned that the way to avoid that pain of posion ivy is to

emerse one's self in water and piss there.

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Comment: BS

Submit Date: 14 Oct 2003
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this is B to the S !@! its a lie my home dawg aight...... so dont listin

Comment: Nasty

Submit Date: 14 Apr 2004
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Who whould want to get in water of piss???

Editor: Well if its all you got...

i would do it... But, there are other

remedies such as rubbing dirt on it that would

work too. The dirt interferes with the

absorption of the oils...

Comment: Cheap People

Submit Date: 05 Jun 2004
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Cheap People

just drop a few bucks for the prevention lotion, wash, and itch cream.

Once you get it, a oatmeal compress or salt water will help dry it out

and speed things up as well.

editor's note: You may not always been near a store to buy the loation.

You could be in the deep woods miles from a store. So the piss remedy

could help. Personally, rubbing dirt into would work just as well

absorbing the oils of posion ivy or oak.