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Head Lice and the olive oil cure

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Remedy Description

"Anyway, I figured out a way to give Lice shampoo totally stress free and

easy, and implemented it that evening. Instructions as follows:


Two couch cushions

One large Pyrex bowl with wide base (5-6 inch flat base so it won't tip




Paper towel

Metal lice comb

Approx. 48 oz. of olive oil

Clock or timer

Place two cushions on floor for kids to lay down on. Cover one end with

newspapers. Place bowl at head of cushions and have kid lay on back so

that head dips comfortably down into bowl resting on more newspapers on

floor. Pour in olive oil and gently lower head into bowl. This method

keeps all oil out of the kid's eyes, and saves a lot of clean up in the


Work in olive oil in back of head so that all air pockets are eliminated.

Keep head immersed for 15 minutes. Using your hands, gently and

repeatedly bathe the nape of the neck, the forehead area and around the

ears, which should be above the level of the oil.

Give the kid a paper towel so they can dab in their ears when oil gets in

from your bathing. The goal is to replace all of the air which the lice

need with oil, which the lice cannot breath.

Like people, lice cannot go without air for any significant length of

time, no longer treatment is rally unnecessary, provided that you have

done a good job of bathing all areas where they could be hiding out. When

done bathing, lift the head and dry in a towel.

Then, with the hair still full of oil, but not dripping, use the lice comb

which should easily remove eggs without pain or snagging. (Remember - an

olive oil shampoo at one of those exclusive European spas will cost you

several thousand dollars.) Then have them shower, and wash their hair 2-3

times to remove all of the olive oil.

If you have several kids, the same oil bath can be used for all. I did

both kids and mommy too.

Two to three follow-up treatments at five-day intervals should eliminate

the lice and any eggs, depending upon the severity of infestation. Also,

follow guidelines re washing sheets, clothing, hats, etc.

According to web site info, lice cannot jump, cannot fly, and cannot

survive more than a couple days wandering around looking for a host.

Their host is their food source, and again, like people, they can't

survive if they can't eat. Apparently the life cycle, as best I can

discern, is 5-10 days as eggs, then 5-10 days before egg-laying maturity.

In other words, a two-week vacation from the house should sterilize

whatever you left behind.

The lice CAN develop an immunity to the pesticides! They CANNOT develop an

immunity to not breathing!

Good luck all -- Alan


have read several reports On how this stuff is causing VISIBLE

NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE to kids with frequent use. Just think of the subtle

damage that EVEN ONE USE must cause. In fact, I reprint below a recent

post on the subject. There is absolutely no need to use this stuff when

safe alternatives exist!)

(Sorry. That was more to my sister-in-law than anybody else.)

Article follows:::::::::::::::



SPECIALIST lotions for children with 'nits" contain enough pesticide to put

them five times over government safety limits and repeated use may damage

their nervous system, it will he claimed this week. New research suggests

that many of the chemical liquids recommended by local health authorities

to combat the head-lice epidemic sweeping Britain's schools may be doing

more harm than good.

It shows that some of the lotions - of which more than Im bottles are sold

each year - are saturated with chemicals known as organophosphates (OPs)

which, once applied, seep through the scalp and into the bloodstream.

OPs, developed as chemical weapons by the Nazis and later used as

agricultural pesticides, have been linked to potentially fatal conditions

including nerve damage, birth defects and cancer. They are contained in

other domestic products such as fly sprays, flea collars and some carpet

cleaners. -The research, to he broadcast tomorrow evening by the

documentary programme World in Action, includes tests con-ducted by the

government's Health and Safety laboratory in Sheffield on four adults and

five children.

Urine samples taken from each of the participants showed that traces of

the OP malathion were between five and 10 times higher than those normally

found in pesticide workers. A single dose of the lotion left on the hair

for the recommended 12 hours is enough to exceed the government's daily

safety limit by up to five times, the programme-makers report.

Dr Goran Jamal, a consultant and senior clinical lecturer in neurology at

the University of Glasgow, said that a single application of delousing

lotion was unlikely to cause damage to a child's health but that repeated

treatment, which is not uncommon because of the risk of reinfection among

school children, could be dangerous.

"People forget that the reason OPs make good pesticides is that they are

extremely poisonous. Claims by manufacturers that we know everything about

them and that they are entirely safe are total nonsense," said Jamal.

Alison and Keith Thomson from Carlisle started treating their three boys

with the delousing lotion Derbac-M after an outbreak of nits at their

local primary school last year.

"We kept treating them for about three or four months because they kept

getting re-infected," said Alison. "I asked the doctor if it was okay to

keep using it and be said it was fine." Just before Christmas Paul, 6,

developed flu-like symptoms. He became lethargic and his personality

changed. By Christmas be had become incontinent and could hardly walk.

Doctors have said a possible cause is OP poisoning.

Seton Healthcare, the company that makes Derbac-M and two other de-licing

lotions, Prioderm and Suleo-M, said last week that it believed its products

were safe because the OPs, once absorbed, were rapidly metabolised and

excreted. "There have been only 28 reported adverse events in

the past 20 years In the UK," the company said. Dr Vyvyan Howard, senior

lecturer in fetal and infant toxi~pathology at the University of Liverpool,

said last week that there was no doubt that malathion could damage human

nerve cells. He added: "What worries me is that children are getting

repeated doses of these products at a time when their nervous systems are

still developing.

"I have used these lotions myself in the past but knowing what I do now I

would never dream of using them again on my children."

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p.s. I did some research to try to find out what work the Harvard School

of Public Health had done with respect to using Olive Oil to kill lice.

Finally spoke to someone at the School who was familiar with the School's

studies. It turns out that all the School did was to look as some dead

lice that some parents had brought in - I guess to see if they had been

killed by the olive oil and how. According to this spokesperson, no other

work had been undertaken by the School of Public Health. Pity, since we

have found the stuff far more effective than the pesticides you get at the

drug store

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