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arthritis and the apple cider cure

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Submit Date: 06 Aug 2002
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Treatment used: apple cider vinegar and honey
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Remedy Source: new england cure for arthritis
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Remedy Description

in a glass of water combine apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of

honey to flavor it...stir well and SIP twice a day. When first starting the

treatment use a tablespoon of vinegar three times a day. After one

week cut back to reduce to one tesaspoon of vinegar and only twice

a day. Beware heavy use of vinegar, like a tablespoon will harm

your teeth if you do it longer that a week. You need to do it

for a week, because your body needs it.

On the east coast in america, hot water heat and steam heat is used

to heat homes. The water staeam leaves calcium deposits inside the

pipes. To clean out the calcium deposits vinegar is run thru the pipes.

In arthritis, calcium is not being depositied in the right places in

the body. Instead it floats around in the blood stream ending up in

places where it should not be. Germs can not live in a acid environment

The problem is not a lack of calcium, as all those tv ads telling

you to take calcium pills. The problem is that your body does not

metabolize the calcium that is already there.

I tried this remedy for a month, and my teeth started to hurt,

then i felt my teeth and bones getting stronger. Than i realized that the

calcium instead of floating around my body was going to the places

where it was suppose to go. Like my teeth and bones. Also my

toenail fungus infectin started to clear up, something i've tried

to heal with commercial ointments for years.

This remedy can also be used for:

toe nail fungus0, forestall osteoporosis, prevent cancer, kill infection,

condition the skin, aid digestion, control weight, preserve memory and protect

the mind from aging, prevent alzhimers