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Poison Ivy and the Jewelweed cure

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Submit Date: 24 May 2002
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Treatment used: jewelweed
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Country of Remedy: USA
Remedy Source: Natural Home Remedies, Rodale Press, Mark Bricklin, 1982
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Remedy Description

"collect large quanities of jewelweed and boil the stems, leaves,

and flowers in water to cover. Boil until water is a deep orange

color. Refrigerate till needed. ....Treatment...swab over infected

area... the sooner you start treatment the better it works.

The itching not only stops.. but the area is cleared up in hours"

picture of jewelweed... it grows right next to poison ivy



another way of using jewelweed is to rub

the contact area with crushed jewelweed leaves which neutralizes the toxin.

or you can make a tea out of the leaves and the tea that is left

over you can make into ice cubes for future use

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Comment: Poison Ivy and the Jewelweed cure

Submit Date: 10 Jul 2006
Author: Hoosier Gal
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Poison Ivy and the Jewelweed cure

Hoosier Gal

Hey - just wanted others to know this is a great remedy. When my sis and I were

in our teens, we read about this in a Euell Gibbions book. She was terribly

alergic to poison ivy...the next time she encountered a patch and began to react

- we gathered the weed, made the tea and applied with success. We made ice

cubes with the remaining tea to have on stand by!