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Posion Oak, Poison Ivy, Itching , and hot water cure

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Submit Date: 23 May 2002
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Treatment used: hot water
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Remedy Description

Take a hot shower, as hot as you can stand the water.

Stay in the shower as long as you can. You will be

in intense pain. Repeat as needed. If the rash is

on your arm cut a sock and put it on like a sleave

the sock will prevent you from scratching the scabs.

Attempt this remedy if the rash is only

on a SMALL area of your body. Do not take a hot shower

if you got posion oak all over your body. Since the

hot will spread it more.

How it works: The idea here is to build up a resistence

to itching.... So if you increase your itch awareness 10

times the your normal itching you experience will not bother you

and you will resist the urge to itch.

This remedy can also be used for:

Poison Ivy, Itching

Comment: hot water slows the poison oak healing process due to increased blood flow

Submit Date: 16 Jan 2004
Email Address: dave@onager.org
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hot water slows the poison oak healing process due to increased blood flow

I am dealing with a case right now, and have just visited a doctor.

He specifically mentioned that hot water on the rash will increase blood flow,

bringing more of the histamines or whatever to the affected area, and

increasing the serverity of the reaction.

Bummer, cuz hot water really feels nice, and then the itch is gone for a few

hours. However I won't use that technique in the future as per the docs


Baking soda bath or paste are ok, as is a mallaca(sp) aka tea tree oil bath.

I got a bad breakout on my face due to washing my face before I knew I was

exposed. The results were quite hideous, my eyes swelled shut and I looked a

sight. I only went to the doctor due to this extra bad and ugly case, and he

is treating me with hydorcortisone pills which work quite fast to eliminate

the reaction. Unfortunatly it does so by weakening your entire immune system,

so its not always the best treatment, esp. for minor cases.


Comment: no!!!!!!

Submit Date: 16 Mar 2004
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hot water opens your pores thus spreading the oil, I strongly suggest not

trying the hot water treatment!!