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Remove Skunk Oder with: Hydogen peroxide, backing soda and dishwashing soap

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Submit Date: 10 May 2002
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Treatment used: hydogen peroxide, backing soda and dishwashing soap
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Remedy will cost you: about $1 for peroxide, $1 soap, and $1 for baking soda
Country of Remedy: USA
Remedy Source: folklore
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Effectiveness: 7.50
No Side Effects: 7.00
Ease of Use: 9.50
Effective after long term use: 7.00
Cost Effectiveness: 10.00

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Remedy Description

Mix up this up and wash off the smell:

An easy to remember recipe of one pint of hydrogen peroxide, one small box of baking soda, and a

couple of squirts of any dish washing liquid mixed in a gallon of water makes an effective,

scientifically based antidote.

chemistry of cure:


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Comment: Ya! It worked

Submit Date: 11 Sep 2008
Author: unknown
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More Links about this Remedy: http://ksks.essortment.com/skunkodorremed_rwlg.htm

Ya! It worked


This seemed to work immediately. After I washed my minature schnauzer I poured

the solution on and let it sit for a couple minutes and rinsed.

Thank You