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Skin Cancer and the SkinAnser cure

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Submit Date: 07 May 2002
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Treatment used: skinanswer
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Remedy will cost you: $60 for a tube
Country of Remedy: USA
Remedy Source: from someone who cured themselves of skin cancer
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Remedy Description

It comes in a tube and you apply it to the simpler skin cancer

till its gone. The skin answer will eat the cancer, and a scab will

form and new skin will grow underneath. This took about 6 months

to heal. This product would probably work best on the lest aggressive skin

cancer. like Basal cell and Squamous cell then the deadily melanomea

skin cancer.

SkinAnswer is maketed for improving the appearance of rasied, rough

scally, red or brown patches of skin.

Skin answer contains: extract or willow bark(asprin), carbamide,

aloe vera, tea tree oil, and sandbrier in a gel base. Probably,

contains about 50 cents worth of ingredients..

This product is very expensive for the ingredients it contains.

But, if it does work, its a cheaper than having your nose cut

into and skin grafted over.

skinanswer is made by lane labs in Allendale, NC.

800 - 526-3005



update on skinanswer...

skinanswer is now sunspot es.


The US Goverment forced Lanelabs to take skinaser off the market

and remove it from stores in 2004. It was removed because Lanelabs

had been making unsubstatiead claims for skinanser..

In August 2005,Lanelabs is now offering

2 products Noxlane4 and Sunspot ES


info from lanelabs website on Noxlane4

o Clinically shown to triple NK Cell Activity

o Same Noxylane™4, back by overwhelming demand

LaneLabs is proud to announce that Noxylane™4 is now available. Noxylane™4 has not been available since July


Able to triple NK (Natural Killer) cell activity and boost T and B cell counts in as little as 30 days, the

arabinoxylane in Noxylane™4 has been featured in Prevention, Woman's World, Dr. Andrew Weil's Self-Healing

and at major health conferences around the world.

Noxylane™4 takes immune support to the next level.

Noxylane™4 arabinoxylane (patented rice bran hemicellulose modified by Shiitake mushroom enzymes) is fully

potentiated with HAI.

HAI, an amino acid extract of Japanese seaweed, has been clinically shown to enhance the absorption and

activity of large molecules such as the complex carbohydrate arabinoxylane.


Key Ingredients of SunSpot™ES

SunSpotES combines glycoalkaloids from sand brier with other powerful natural ingredients to exfoliate,

soothe and rejuvenate raised rough skin from years of sun exposure.

SunSpotES Product Info

Amount per Tube: .5oz. (14g) 15ml


Water, Aloe Vera, Propylene Glycol, Salicylic Acid, Urea, Carbomer 940, Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, Glycoalkaloid

Extract, Imidazolidinylurea

These ingredients in Sunspot are the very similar to the ingredients in Skinanswer.

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Submit Date: 29 Jan 2005
Email Address: dave.sanders@juno.com
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Skin Answer worked very well for me. I had a small patch of what the doctor

thought was squamous cell on my ear for about 4 years. I applied skin answer

several times a day for four and a half weeks. It healed in that time and

never came back. I am trying to get some skin answer for friends but can`t

find it any more. I am told that a federal judge took it off the market. Does

any one know where to get sandbrier extract one of the ingredients?