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My favorite living artist

Profile of a pretty lady watching TV--drawing from life

Sketch of a painting by Vandyke--copy

Someone watching TV--drawing from life

Study Female Colored Portrait-- copy

Study Child Colored Portrait-- copy

Study Female Portrait-- copy

Memory Drawing 101

Pet Drawing done from several photographs

12" clay statue

6" clay statue

A self portrait--drawaing from life

Shell Beach, Pastel--live

Surf and Rocks, Acrylic--live

Lion outside of Chicago Art Institute

LaSalle Falls in Starved Rock State Park Plein Air, Pastel, 1984?

RV Dragon Head

Street Painting Artist

Grandpa Woodstock

The Great Michelangelo's Models Search
I am becomming a expert on Michelangelo.

Cheap Art

Official Portraits Draw Skeptical Gaze
....$50k a pop...way cheaper to use a photograph

What is Art

Street Artist Makes it into the National Gallery of Art

My Moms Flower Pictures

Test if you got a right or a left brain

Artists must not finch from their goals