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Hiccups and the scare cure

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Submit Date: 08 May 2002
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Author: Ermila Arellano
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Country of Remedy: mexico
Remedy Source: Career High School---student International Home Remedies project
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Remedy Description

My children's hiccops go away when I scared them.



School: Anglo World Brazil

In Brazil when you have got hiccups you have to drink water or hot coffee and of course hold your

breath. There aren't always good results with these methods so I learnt from my grandmother and my

mother a good remedy. When a person has got hiccups if you are next to him/her, you should say

something to frighten them. However, you shouldn't say anything like - There is a ghost at the

window - say something that could be true like - Why is your face bleeding? I'm sure the person

will be frightened and the hiccups will stop immediately. This method is guaranteed. Try it!

Cris Schmidt (Brazil) - 14/2/97

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