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Salt and the toothache cure

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Salt and the toothache cure

Remedy Description

source: http://www.paradisenow.net/healing.html

Dissolve enough salt* in warm water (body temperature) to make a strong solution and rinse your mouth repeatedly, vigourously swishing the salty water around

your mouth (if the pain allows) or just allowing the brine to work in your mouth (it will make you salivate). The dental pain, especially when extremely severe,

may instantly subside or perhaps take a while before it goes away, but it will (it certainly has done so for me every time I have used it, the longest it took

for acute pain to stop was about two minutes. I have also seen a few others reporting near-instantaneous dental pain relief achieved in identical fashion).

Repeat application of the salt rinse - even over several days in case the pain reoccurs or doesn’t fully go away - may be required. One may also lodge some salt

crystals directly against the tooth or gum area that hurts.

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