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Pyrethin and the Head Lice cure

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Submit Date: 16 Oct 2006
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Treatment used: pyrethin
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Remedy Source: folklore
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Remedy Description


If you want to try making your own head lice remedy, you can make a rinse

containing pyrethin (a safe, natural insecticide), although some children,

especially if they're allergic to ragweed, may also have a sensitivity to

pyrethin. Use the pyrethin rinse, wash or spray everything the child has

come in contact with, including clothing, bedding, hair brushes and combs,

even the backs of chairs or furniture. Rinse the child's hair, being careful

to keep away from eyes. Follow that up by combing through their hair every night.

Use a fine-toothed comb dipped in vinegar and comb strand by strand, checking

for both adult lice and eggs or nits.

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