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Alcohol and the lice cure

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Remedy Description

What I did to kill them was douse my hair/head with alcohol and then I put a

plastic bag over my head for like an hour. . . that did it for me.


BE VERY CAREFUL with putting flamable liquids on your body, especially in your

hair. You could be too close to a flame, such as a candle, or pilot light in

your stove or water heater, or a lighter or match or cigarette or other smoking

substance. Even after you think you have washed the flamable liquid out of your

hair, enough can still remain in there so that, when you are near a flame (such

as at a place where people are smoking and lighting things), it can still

ignite. And then you will be in the emergency room.

Short hair is very easy to take care of.


Wintergreen alcohol is the cure I've heard of. Give the head a good soaking

and then tie everything up in a plastic bag to prevent evaporation. Keep it on

for 4 or 5 hours, then rinse rinse rinse.

Smearing a child's head with mayonaise, vaseline, can suffocate the lice but

is not 100% effective

Over the counter products like Nix and Rid were effective 20 years ago

but lice have adapted. Nix which has permethrin in it is more effecitve

than Rid which has pyrethin in it.

Ovid a prescription drug contains malathion which kills 100% of lice

and 98% of nits. It has a odor can cause headaches and nausea and is

flamable. Ovid stays on the head for 8 to 12 hours and the child needs

to stay clear of anything that can ignite a flame.

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Comment: Don't use alcohol

Submit Date: 26 Sep 2006
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Don't use alcohol


anyway, we have tried the alcohol and plastic bag trip on several dozen

folks at rainbow gatherings who hated the idea of using the chemicals we were

using at the time (we have since found some alternatives to the chemicals,

depending upon the seriousness of the particular case) and folks it dont work!!!

if you take lice and alcohol and put em all in a glass, the bugs just swim

around and play waterpolo.

that is an old hippie tale with a success rate of about 1 person out of

1000. or thereabouts.

Comment: RE:Don't use alcohol

Submit Date: 14 Apr 2008
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RE:Don't use alcohol


What are you talking about?

it doesn't work?

I just dipped a louse in alcohol and set it on my desk.

It hasn't moved in five minutes.