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Herbal bath cure all

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Herbal bath cure all

Remedy Description

***beauty bath

Ninon de Lencolos a famous French courtesan, was said to

maintain her beauty for all her 82 years with a daily

bath containning dried lavender,rosemary leaves, mint, thyme,

and crushed comfrey root.As a variation you might add an orage or

lemon peel or try a combination of sage rosemary and lavender.

Ms Lencolos also used a special massage to maintain her beauty

click here for the massage.


*****for oily skin

equal quntities of lemon greass, orage buds, white willow bark, witchhazel

to make one cup

*****for dry itchy skin;

oatmeal, almond meal, orris root to make one cup

*****calming bath

camomile, linden valerian, lavender to make one cup

*******for sore muscles

a handful of epsom salts or borax or 1/2 cup of witch hazel


other herbs to experiment with


winter green

eucalyptus leaves



****strong scent

bay leaves




acacia blossoms

***lazy skin

geranium leaves


strawberry leaves


a friend



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