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Diabetes and the cinnamon powder cure

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Submit Date: 19 Jul 2006
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Treatment used: cinnamon powder
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Remedy Source: "Ask the Doctor", Dr Peter Gott, newspaper column, July 18, 2006
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Remedy Description

DEAR DR. GOTT: You mentioned awhile ago about cinnamon being used to treat

type II diabetes. You said you were not aware of cinnamon being used this

way. I have had type II diabetes for several years now and took Avandia, 8

milligrams per day, to lower my blood sugar. This is a very expensive drug

at $5 per pill. I checked six different pharmacies, and $5 per pill was

the cheapest I could find. There is no generic drug for it.

I had drug insurance at that time, and the company raised the price

further to about $1,200 per month. I could no longer afford drug coverage,

which included metformin and glyburide, and high blood pressure pills.

A friend of mine sent me some research work done at the University of

Southern California on the use of cinnamon in water being fed to diabetic

mice. It reduced the blood sugar of the diabetic mice. I decided to try

it. I take 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in hot water to dissolve it,

cool it down and drink it. The cinnamon in water is taken after breakfast

every day. The cinnamon has kept my blood sugar down, usually between 70

and 100, and works very well for me.

I went for my yearly physical exam recently with my internal medicine

doctor. Taken at the above dosage, cinnamon has not only kept my blood

sugar in a good range, but it lowered my cholesterol from 203 to 160; my

triglycerides were 160, and my LDL was about 38. I can buy a jar of ground

cinnamon for about $1. I am sending a copy of the research that is being

done in California and other places.

It takes about 40 days of the above dosage to change the sugar level.

DEAR READER: I have received several letters from diabetic readers who

experienced astonishing results in lowering blood-sugar levels with

cinnamon. I do not believe that this therapy is used widely by medical

personnel. However, this practice may be appropriate for some patients, so

I'm passing on your tip in hopes that it will help diabetics, at least


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Comment: FDA approval

Submit Date: 08 Nov 2006
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More Links about this Remedy: http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/gott1.asp

FDA approval


This is one of the few herbs that has recieved FDA approval. I typically use

fresh Cinnimon bark to lower my blood sugar.