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Diabetes foods to eat and foods to avoid

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Remedy Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New York, p 94
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Remedy Description

Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New

York, p 94

Inability of pancreas to produce sufficient insulin to metabolize sugars,

owing to long-term excess consumption of refined sugars and starches;

inflammation of pancreas due to excess demand for pancreatic enzymes

in the stomach.

String beans (bulk or juice): rich in potassium, help restore deficient

pancreas exhausted by excess demand for insulin and other enzymes;

alkalize the pancreas; as bulk, steam lightly; as juice, extract raw, 1

pint daily; may be mixed with carrot juice for flavor.

Brussels sprouts (bulk or juice): rich in alkalizing elements with specific

affinity for the pancreas; steam lightly for bulk consumption; extract

raw juice, and mix with carrot juice, if desired; 1 pint daily.

Molasses: use unsulphured molasses only; all cases of diabetes and

pancreatitis are associated with iron deficiency; molasses is one of

nature's richest sources of organic iron and copper, which work

together; take 2 tbsp molasses in large cup of warm water, 1-2 times

daily; absolute abstention from refined starch and sugar required; this

regimen has corrected diabetes, pancreatitis and hypoglycemia (low

blood sugar) in 1-2 months; flavor molasses with 5 tsp vanilla or almond

extract, if desired.

Other beneficial foods: active yeast dissolved in warm water (one small

packet of powder per cup); raw tomatoes; cucumbers; raw spinach;


Foods to avoid: All refined starch and sugar; overcooked meat; cooked

potatoes; bananas, figs, dates, raisins; salt, pepper, mustard.

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