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Clear Your Nostrils with the Nasal Neti Wash

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Remedy Source: Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Daniel Reid, Fireside, New York, pp 153-154
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Remedy Description

The Neti Nasal Douche

"By far the best way to keep your nose clean and keep the nasal passages

clear and unobstructed is to give yourself a regular nasal douche, known

in yoga lore as the 'neti'. The neti nasal douche is a particularly

important form of hygiene for deep breathers, especially in this age of

air pollution,smoking and mucus-forming diets. The neti loosens and

flushes away encrustations of dried mucus, dissolves and expels dust,

grease and other pollutants, and thoroughly washes the sensitive olfactory

endings, thus enhancing their capacity to extract and assimilate chee from


Here's how to perform the neti: heat two cups of clean (preferably

distilled) water to body temperature and dissolve k to teaspoon of salt

in it, more or less 'to taste.' The point is to approximate the

temperature and salinity of the nasal passages so that the cleansing

solution does not cause osmosis of fluids between itself and the nasal

membranes. Pour the warm saline solution into a small teapot or a

special 'neti pot'. Squat down on the ground, tilt your head to one side,

and insert the spout of the pot into the upturned nostril. Continue

tilting your head sideways until the saline solution starts to pour into

the upper nostril and drain out through the lower one. Heavily clogged

nostrils will not permit such a free flow from side to side, in which case

you must block off the lower nostril with your free thumb and gently suck

the solution in through the upper nostril Keep sucking through the

nostril until you feel the warm solution trickle down into your throat,

but do not swallow it. Instead, spit it out on the ground as it dribbles

down. Be careful not to inhale air while pouring the solution into the

nose. After draining about half the solution through one nostril, switch

sides, tilt your head the other way, and flush out the other side.

When the solution is finished, alternately block one nostril with a

thumb and vigorously blow air out through the other. You'll be

astounded by some of the junk that comes out: besides the usual 'snot',

you'll sometimes find gritty black particles, wads of dust and lint, blobs

of grease, fibrous strings, and other pollutants impacted inside the nasal

caverns. After blasting residual water and debris from both nostrils, dry

the nasal passages by standing with hands on hips and bending forward,

then vigorously raising and lowering the head while exhaling hard

through the nose. This whole process sounds much more difficult than it

actually is: the major hurdle is mental, not mechanical, and the most

essential requirement in performing the neti is to keep calm and keep

your mind on what you're doing.

The enormous enhancement of olfactory sensitivity after a thorough

nasal douche should suffice to convince anyone of its therapeutic efficacy

and its vital importance to breathing and overall health. Scents that

passed you by unnoticed before suddenly play aromatic symphonies in

your nose, and your sense of taste - half of which involves the nose -

improves multifold. Most important, however, is the enormous enhance-

ment of vitality experienced by those who practice breath control with

clean nasal passages.

If you practice breath control and perform the neti regularly, you may

kiss head colds goodbye. Regardless what Western doctors say about

'germs' being the cause of colds and other respiratory diseases, the root

cause is a pathological toxicity of the nasal membranes, which causes them

to become inflamed and impacted with a dry crust of toxic mucus that

forms an ideal environment for germs. As these toxins accumulate, they

severely damage nasal membranes and render the nasal passages

vulnerable to attack by germs. Germs are are a symptom not a cause

of head colds. One or two thorough nasal douches each week perfomed

as part of your regular regimen, will keep your nose clean and make it

invulnerable to 'catching' the colds that have become so common in this

age of air pollution and denatured diets.

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