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Earache and the garlic oil cure

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Submit Date: 07 Jul 2006
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Treatment used: garlic oil
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Remedy Description

Instructions: LOOK NO FURTHER! Garlic has a natural antibody called

allicin (sp). Use deodorized garlic gel tablets.You can get them at just

about any health food store. Pierce the tablet and squeeze 4-6 drops in

the ear preferably when lying down. Put a warm compress over the ear.

Repeat 2-3 times daily.If you can take some of the tablets orally do that

as well. If a young child squeeze the gel contents in their mouth and

swallow or mix with liquid. You can use non deodorized garlic as well it

will just be more offensive to the nose and anyone else your around. We

have used this on our 3 kids as well as ourselves and it HAS ALWAYS

WORKED! Our kids have never taken OTC antibioticsfor ear infections. Im

talking about ear aches that bring you to your knees in pain, the ones

where you canteven fall asleep because of the pain. You will be sleeping

like a baby in no time. You will see marked improvement in 2-3 hours and

near complete resolution in 24 hours. My kids are 11, 9 and 3. Friend of

mine thought we were nuts and the pediatrician was skeptical. Friend's son

had chronic ear aches and went thru multiple antibiotics. Refused to try

the garlic until last resort before putting tubes in the boy's ears $2000.

They tried it and the rest is history...no more ear aches, no tubes, no

pain. Simply a godsend. Now if someone knows as good a remedy for poison

ivy im all ears.

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