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Had lice miracle whip salad dressing cure

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Submit Date: 17 Jun 2006
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Treatment used: miracle whip salad dressing
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Country of Remedy: USA
Remedy Source: "Ask the Doctor", Dr Peter Gott, newspaper column, June 15, 2006
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Remedy Description

"DEAR DR. GOTT: I read your article regarding persistent head lice. Please

tell your readers not to use the chemicals that you buy at the drug store.

I have a natural remedy. My granddaughter had head lice that these

chemicals just would not eradicate.

After using these dangerous, prepared chemicals twice with no success, I

used plain old salad dressing (Miracle Whip, to be exact). I made small

parts in her hair and slathered the dressing on. You could see the little

boogers sliding down her neck.

We then put a plastic cap on her head, and she slept all night with it on,

washing it out in the morning. We repeated this treatment again in a few

days, and that was the end of the problem.

This treatment is also good for your hair. (It also might inspire you to

eat more salads!)"

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