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Leg Edema and Butcher's broom cure

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Submit Date: 20 May 2006
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Treatment used: butcher's broom
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Remedy Source: http://www.nutrasanus.com/chronic-venous-insufficiency.html
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Remedy Description

"Butcher's broom is another herb that may be useful for individuals with

CVI. In Europe it has even been approved by Germany's Commission E as a

supportive therapy for chronic venous insufficiency. The results of one

double-blind study examined the effectiveness of standardized butcher's

broom extract in 166 women with CVI. Study participants were given

butcher's broom (one tablet twice daily containing 36.0 to 37.5 mg of a

methanol dry extract concentrated at 15-20:1) or a placebo for a period of

3 months. The results of the study showed that leg swelling decreased

significantly in the group of participants who were given butcher's broom

when compared to the placebo group. "



Butcher's broom:


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