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Liver Disease-Milk Weed Thistle

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Submit Date: 01 Jun 2005
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Treatment used: 1 teaspoon crushed milk weed thistle seeds, 2 times a day. also can be used for hep-c.
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Remedy Description

1 teaspoon Crushed Milk Weed Thistle Seeds, 2 times a day. also can be

used for Hep-C.

liver meridens


chinese foot reflexology


liver massage


Dr weil also recommends using Schizandra with milk thistle.


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Comment: There is help....

Submit Date: 30 Jul 2010
Author: a Mom
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There is help....

a Mom

I just wanted to say that I talked with a woman today who told me how much

better she feels after taking milk thistle..

It is pretty exciting to me because I have son who is 49 and has Hep-C. I am

getting some for him tomorrow.... He also takes Vitamin B.... and no, no

Tylenol. Time will tell...