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Treatment for advance case of Athlete's Foot --mulitple remedies

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Remedy Description

"Treatment for Acute Case of Athlete's Foot

The toes are inflamed, cracked, weeping or oozing and may

be infected, red, or tender, red and swollen.

1. After showering , dry the feet thoroughly, especially between

the toes. avoiding trauma to the tools.

2. Soak the feet 20-30 minutes, 4 to 6 times daily, in

warm water, no hotter then 103 to 104 degrees. Add one to

four tablespoons of vinegar per quart of water. When the acute

infection has been cleared, pure vinegar can be applied after the

morning shower and air dry or dried with a blow drier before


3. Rubbing alchol can be applied during the day to encourage

drying. Use a towel between the toes, because the alcohol can

be trapped between skin surfaces. After alochol has dried put

goldenseal powder (can stain fabrics so be careful) or use

cornstarch. Use clean socks after each treatment.

4. Try to avoid the use of nylon stockings. As long as the feet

are badly infected use canvas sneakers or sandals avoid plastic

shoes or nylon linners. Put shoes in the sun every other day

and alternate pair of shoes if possible.

5. Warm and cold alternating foot baths with no medicine are also

good treatments for acute infections. Start with a warm foot bath,

at about 99-102 degrees for 6 minutes, immediately followed by a

cold foot bath using cold tap water for one minut, then back into

the warm bath and follow once again with the cold. Do the warm

to cold procedure three to six times. For severe cases, this

treatment may be repeated every 2 hours. Afterthe baths dry the

feet completly, using the alchol method described above, and dust

with cornstarch or goldenseal.

6. Expose feet to sunshine for 5-20 minutes per day, depending on

tolerance. This is a excelleant treatment.

7. The use of tea tree oil has been found effective in many cases.

It can be obtained at a health food store.

8. Sometimes a "id" reaction occurs. This is a painful or itching

rash which appears somewhat like the rash on the feet. It is a allergic

reaction to the fungus products or to overly vigorous treatments.

It will subside when the inflamation of the feet calms down.

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