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Leg Cramps and the soap bar cure

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Submit Date: 04 May 2004
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Treatment used: bar of soap
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Remedy Source: Dr peter Gott's
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Remedy Description

"...I do have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

(copd) and check in periodically with the realted

web sites (such as copad-international.com) to check on

recent updates. For decades, i have been troubled

by leg cramps that disrupt my sleep 5 to 10 times a

night. All the standard therapies, including quinine

pills. and massage have proven ineffective. several

people on the internet have touted the soap cure:

a bar of soap placed under the matress voer near my legs.

Did this sound ridiculous? You bet. But i gave it a try.

DId it work? Yes, indeed. I haven't had a cramp since.

The proper technique is simple. Unwarp a fresh bar of

soap (don't use Dove) and discard the wrapper. It

doesn't have to be a huge bath-size bar; even small bars

common in hotels work for most people. Then place

the bar directly under the bottom sheet or on the bed where the legs

are usually located. That's it. Some pople may ned to rub the legs

with a extra bar of soap, but, in most instances, this is not

necassary. The cramps are gone. Why i haven't a clue.




This remedy can also be used for:

chronic pulmonary disease (copd)

Comment: Soap Remedy

Submit Date: 17 Dec 2006
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Email Address: lstrohmie@hotmail.com
More Links about this Remedy: http://www.snopes.com/oldwives/legcramp.asp

Soap Remedy


My husband is a horse trainer, and that means kicking alot, along with total

leg work all day long. It has truly worked for him. No more night time leg

cramps. I decided to try it, as i had been getting body sore myself,

especially in my neck and shoulders, and I hate to admit it, but it has

lessoned the stiffness when I wake up in the morning. I have no idea how or

why it works, but it does for us!