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Prostrate Problems and the massage cure

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Remedy Description

In Europe, Prostate Massage is used in many cases instead of surgery. The

doctor or nurse inserts a finger into the rectum and massages the prostate

for ten to twenty minutes. It is important not to feel embarrassed about

this. These people are professionals and prostate problems can be serious

if not handled quickly. Your health is more important than your

embarrassment. The doctor will be able to feel the swelling go down as the

prostate drains itself of its inflammation.

Poisonous, shiny black wastes can come out of the prostate glands. It may

be necessary to have more than one massage to remove all the toxins. A

swollen prostate gland and the maintenance of the Prostate Gland so that

this condition does not occur, has been proved to be handled safely by

various herbs:-. specifically Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Liquorice and

Pumpkin Seeds.

Dr.James Duke - in his famous Book "The Green Pharmacy" gives a recipe

for 'Prosnut Butter'. Blend half a cup of fresh pumpkin seed, contents of

one saw palmetto capsule or drops of tincture, a few drops of liquorice

extract and a few drops of Brazil Nut oil in a Blender. Spread a couple of

tablespoonfuls every day on bread. This simple Home Remedy may help the

current situation and also prevent BPH.