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Bleeding Gums and the Goldenseal Cure

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Submit Date: 08 Mar 2003
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Treatment used: goldenseal
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Remedy Description

I once had bad case of receeding gums. This is how most people

loose their teeth when their gums receed and the teeth fall out.

My dentist started doing deep root planning to fix it. Deep root planning

is where they go deeper below the gum line than they do in a normal

cleaning. This is usually done at 4 different times so that it takes four

appointments to "deep root" your gums. My dentist did 1/4 of my mouth.

Then I ran into a herbalist who seeing my mouth, told me I don't have

to loose my teet, if I were to brush goldenseal (a very powerful

antibiotic) on them on them.

So everyday, I would clean and floss my teeth, then i would dip the

toothbrush into water than into the goldenseal powder, then brush

the powder on my teeth. I used a seperate tooth brush for my goldenseal.

I would leave the powder on my teeth I would not rinse it off. I did this

twice a day. After 4 weeks I looked in my mirror and saw nice pink

gums. After 3 months my gums grew back.

I also wet my finger and dipped it into the goldenseal and stuck the

goldenseal where there where holes or pockets in my gums. I then took

a toothpick or teeth cleaning tool with a rubber tip. I used the rubber

tip to pack it into the pocket. I also massaged my gums with my finger

in areas where the gums had receded. I did not press into the gums.

instead I made small circles on the gums with slight pressure. I massaged

my gums about 10 minutes a day. I also used a straw to avoid

washing off the goldenseal while drinking water To rebuild the bone

I take 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water twice a day.

For apple cider arthritis remedy:


I stopped the deep root planning with my dentist. Later in a magazine

I heard they came out with a new method for treating gum disease.

Instead of taking a oral (by mouth) antibiotic, they found that if

you use a topical antibiotic and apply it directly to the gums you

got much better results. The new topical antibiotic wasn't cheap

either. I did the same thing with goldenseal only much cheaper

and effective than what the dentist would have done.

Apply goldenseal to my sick gums, was similar to cleaning and applying

antibiotics to a cut or a scrape on your hand. If you had a scrape

on your hand would you scrape it off with a toothpick and spray water

on it??? No way, you would clean it with soap and water, apply a

anti-biotic and put a bandage on it, and then the wound will heal

and the skin would grow back.

Instead the dentists treats diseased gums by by scraping it

clean with steel tools then rinsing it with water, no wonder the gums

don't grow back. My dentist told me that gums don't grow back and

he has never seen it. I proved him wrong

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Comment: Black Triangles

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Black Triangles


Did the black holes in between the teeth fill back in?


Editor: yes as the gums grew back and filled them in...