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Tired of wrinkles? Then try a Do it yourself facelift!!!

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Remedy Source: Ninon de Lenclos
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Remedy Description

As you age you facial muscles get flabby. When they do a surigal face lift

what they basically do is is cut the skin on the edge of the face and pull

back on the skin and replace the slack with tension.

You can do the same thing by massaging the the muscles in your face.

Your facial muscles are like rubber bands that have worn out. By

massaging them you can tighten them up. Also runbbing with a dry towel

will help tighten up the facial muscles.

The facial massage was the secret of Ms. Ninon de Lenclos enternal youth.

Ms Nions was a famous courtesan (mistress) to King Louis XIV of France. Ms. Ninon was

born in 1602 and maintained her beauty for all her 82 years. She was most

famous French woman of her century, beautiful and witty. Her salon was

attended by many people including Moliere and La Rochefoucauld. She was

legendary for her eternal youth. She left her books to Voltaire.

She also had a daily bath containing dried lavender, rosemary leaves,

mint, thyme, and crushed comfrey root.

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These pictures show locations of the facial muscles & how to massage them:

Nion at the age of 40 she was still the Kings favorite, when the King could

have anyone he wanted. Official portraits of her, show her with a youthful

looking face. When your the kings portrait artist.. you do a good job or

it's your head. The facial massage was here secret to keeping the king in

her bed.

In later years she still retain her youthful appearance and had

many lovers.

Nion also used a herbal cream made of elderberries which bleached

the skin and kept it free of age spots.

It is best to start this remedy when you are young. You should massage

your face before you go to sleep. This way you can freeze the beauty

of your face as Ms Ninon did

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Comment: Where is the information and instructions on how to do the facelift?

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Where is the information and instructions on how to do the facelift?

There is no information on how to do this facelift?

Where may i find that information?