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How to make Home-brewed DNA

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Submit Date: 18 Feb 2003
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Remedy Source: Nell Boyce. US News & World Report, Feb 24, p40.
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Remedy Description

This would be a good science project to do with your children:


"DNA is all around you, and you don't need a phd to extract it. You will


-- a source of DNA (any living matter will do, but stawberries work well)

-- salt, the non-iodized

-- shampoo

-- 90 percent rubbing alcohol (chilled in the freezer


1. Mash the DNA source. Add a equal amount of water. Throw in a couple

of squirts of shampoo and a spoonful of salt. Stir gently.

2. Strain the mash through a wet papter towel or cheesecloth, so your

left with a clear fluid.

3. Pour a equal amount of ice cold alcohol into the fluid. You will see

a cloud form. Take a chopstick or the handle of a long spoon

and twirl it inside the cloud to capture long, gooey strings of nucleic

acid (DNA and RTNA)

--from US News & World Report, feb 24, p40. by Nell Boyce

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