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Gasoline and Head Lice cure

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Submit Date: 04 Feb 2003
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Treatment used: gasoline or kerosine
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Remedy Description

writingjohn@aol.com (Writingjohn) wrote:

> I heard of a guy who put gasoline into his dreads to try to kill lice. He

> caught on fire from the pilot light in his kitchen. Got rushed to the


> where he died. I'm not sure if it got rid of his lice problem. Perhaps.


> don't quote me on it.

Thanks for sharing that. I've heard of a child's death due to use

of a volatile like kerosene or gasoline. They had even washed the

child's hair after treatment but it still caught fire when the child

got close to a small flame.

PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT Use Volatiles in the treatment of lice:(

I'm sorry I know of no treatment for Dreads other than cutting them.

There are a variety of natural treatments folks have told me worked

for them using some combination of oils, vinegar and other household

items. They may or may not work on Dreads.,,

There is a wealth of info on the Net regarding them. Just type into

your search engine Head

Some points to keep in mind about lice:

-they crawl they do not jump and are transmitted via close contact

with an infected person. they will not live on any other animal.

-the adults must feed every few hours and usually die. if not on a

not on a human being, they usually die within 24-48hrs but have been

shown to survive off a human being up to a week.

-they do not drown easily, surviving many hrs under water

-they lay eggs (nits) on hair shaft close to the scalp which are white

in color and are glued almost solid onto the hair shaft. the nits look

like dandruff initially but are not easily removed and can be felt when

you run your fingers over them.

-nits get darker in color tan/beige when they are ready to hatch within

7-10 days after being laid.

-after treatment to kill the adult lice the hair should be combed with

a fine tooth comb and checked to remove any remaining eggs(nit picking)

-treatments should be repeated in 7-10 days to kill any lice that have

hatched from eggs that were missed initially.

This is why removal from Dreads is so difficult. You can't actually

kill the eggs. Manual removal of the eggs is the only known way to

clear the scalp of them and the adults easily escape treatments by

hiding deep in the dreads.

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Comment: DO not use Gasoline!

Submit Date: 09 Feb 2004
Email Address: sarcasticrena@msn.com
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DO not use Gasoline!

DO NOT use Gasoline Or Karosine on your hair! It will hurt you baddly! It is

TO dangerous