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Posion oak and the peach tree leaves cure

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Submit Date: 30 Dec 2002
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Author: greg
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Treatment used: peach tree leaves
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Remedy Description

I get it real bad and wanted to share this info with everyone I can find.

Irecently got it again and in some places it was real bad.It ranged form

light red rashy areas to the weeping burning areas. I went to a little

store in my neighbor-hood, where an old lady was working, to get milk.She

told me to get some leaves from a peach tree, boil them, let the water

cool, and then with a cotton ball apply this stuff to it. She said it

would "cure" it.

Well, if you've ever had it you know you'll try anything to get rid of it

no matter how stupid. So, right after myevening shower I did what she

said. Just in one spotto test it. The result was overnight!! The next

morning the poison oak was brown and the skin on it lookeddead and dried

up! I did all of it that night and the nextand within 2 days I was pulling

off dead skin that usedto be poison oak. I can't believe there's nothing

online about this with all the home remedy crap that's out there.

That's why I'm sharing my experience with everone I canfind online talking

about it. It it helps just one otherperson not suffer like I was, then

great! No more doctors for me! Tell everyone, and I hope it works as well

for others as it did for me. I would love to hear from people that try it.

Good Luck!

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Comment: potato same thing?

Submit Date: 20 Jun 2003
Email Address: Dan@aGifford
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potato same thing?

I read today that a potato blended to a paste, applied covered with plastic,

for an hour will do the same thing, has any one tried this? please comment