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Flu and the Ethiopia eucalyptus leaves, sugar, and salt cure

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Submit Date: 30 Dec 2002
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Author: teklay
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Treatment used: eucalyptus leaves, sugar, and salt
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Country of Remedy: Ethiopia
Remedy Source: International Student Home Remedies Project
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Remedy Description


...A pound of Eucalyptus leaves,

...One teaspoon of sugar or salt

Hi dear reader! First, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Teklay.

I am from Ethiopia(Africa). I'd like to let you know about some home

remedies and how they work for the flu. In my country, when people get the

flu, they just take one pound of Eucalyptus leaves,One teaspoon of sugar

or salt it doesn't matter,and mix them together and boil it in a pot. Then

they put the steaming pot next to their bed,cover themselves with a

blanket,and they breath the steam through their nose and mouth. This

process should be done at bed time, laying down on their stomach in bed.

after sleeping they need to take a steam bath before going outside. Also

if they do not feel better within one day, they can repeat the process for

two or three days more until they get better. After this,the flu will go

away. So, my recommendation for you is,just try this effective solution if

you experience the flu. Believe me you will get relief soon. Good luck!

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