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Bleeding Drum fingers and the Karate cure

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Remedy Description

Over the years, i have noticed many drummers with bleedning finger

tips from beating on their drums for hours on end. If the drummers

were to harden their fingers they could resolve this problem.

There are several ways of doing this. You can slap you fingers down

into sand or slap them on water for 15 minutes a day for about two months

Yes, they will gradually harden from playing the drum but they will bleed

in the process. The drums skins are too hard for the fingers and don't

give when hit. Whereas, sand and water will give when hit.

Once, when i lived down in the Florida keys, I watched a girl dance on

coral. Coral is as sharp as razor blades. I asked her how she could

do that. She just smiled and said "I live here." After about two a months

of walking barefoot on the beaches for a mile every day I too was dancing

on coral at the same bar.

There is a old story they tell in karate school about a student who spent

the whole day slapping the water with his hands. When he went home

to visit his parents a few months later, his parents asked him what

did he learn. Whereupon, he said "I haven't learned anything." He then

slaped the table. The table then disintigrated uder the power of

his slap.

There is a form of martial arts in China called iron fist. Instead

of hitting water or sand to toughen you hand. You hit a iron sheet with

your fist several hundred times a day for months.

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