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Advanced Melanoma Skin cancer spreading stopped with vaccine

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Submit Date: 29 Dec 2002
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Treatment used: canvixin vaccine
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Remedy Source: shari roan, los angeles times , 12,26,2002
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Remedy Description

Dr. Donald Morton, has developed a vaccine, Canvixin, that may cure one

third more people with melanoma skin cancer that has spread, or

metasstasized, to other organs of the body than existing


He began developing his vaccine, in the early 60's, after seeing a patient

whose melanoma cancer had "just gone away" even though it had spread to

her liver and lungs. Such remissions which tend to occur after a patient

develops a bacterial infection, happen in 1 of 2,000 to 5,000 patient with

melanoma that has spread.

"We think the reason this has happened is that the immune system has

been activated" by something like an unrelated infection, he said.

"I said if it happens spontaneously, maybe we can make it happen at will."

by shari roan, los angeles times , 12,26,2002



"TODAY, Peggy Maddox is in great health. But 17 years ago, when her boys

were 7 and 10, she had stage IV melanoma. The skin cancer was so

widespread that her doctors gave her just months to live....

source: msnbc


Facts about melanoma

Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. Read on to learn more

about the disease. How many people are affected?What are the warning signs?

Where do melanomas appear?How can melanoma be prevented?How treatable is

the disease?

Melanoma is expected to strike 51,400 Americans this year and kill 7,800.

While melanoma accounts for only about 4 percent of all skin cancer cases,

it causes almost 80 percent of skin cancer deaths.

Moles or other spots on the skin that are changing in size, shape, or

color should be evaluated promptly. The warning signs of melanoma are

often called the ABCD’s:

A - asymmetry. One half of a mole or pigmented spot doesn’t match the

other half.

B - border irregularity. The edges are notched, ragged or blurred.

C - color. It varies from one part of the mole or spot to another. There

may be shades of tan, brown, black and sometimes white, red or blue.

D - diameter greater than that of a pencil eraser.

Melanomas can develop from or near an existing mole, or away from such

blemishes. They appear most often on the upper backs of men or women or

the legs of women, but they can occur anywhere on the body.

The main preventable cause of melanoma is excessive sun exposure. So

doctors advise avoiding or limiting sun exposure from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,

and using protective clothing and sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least

15. Severe sunburns in childhood may particularly increase the risk of

melanoma in later life, so children in particular should be protected,

doctors say.

When melanoma is caught in its earliest stages and removed, it is highly

curable. Untreated, melanoma can spread quickly into the body from the


Sources: Associated Press, American Cancer Society

Malanoma is most easy to diagonse, Mayoral says, "Rarely do you see

a melanoma that doesn't look like a melanoma" See your Doctor

if you have a mole with:

1. irregular borders that seem to fade into

the rest of the skin

2. striking colors ..black or purple in some areas,

red or brown in other areas

3. a diameter large than a pencil eraser

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