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Scars and the vitamin E cure

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Submit Date: 25 Dec 2002
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Author: deena
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Treatment used: vitamin e oil
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Remedy Description

You've probably heard it a thousand times, but it is the #1 cure for any

kind of scar, new, or old. If you use the oil, it must be pure,( or as

close as you can get.) Rub into scarred area, as you would a lotion. Do

not rinse, leave, as you would a lotion. If you use the vitamin "gel"

pills, (more effective), more pure. Break open the pills, squeeze out the

oil inside onto the scarred area, also, just as you would lotion. Do not

rinse. This remedy has been a proven one on old and/or new scars Although

the results can not be seen for 1-2 months of twice a day as instructed

from for either way.

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Comment: does this actually work?

Submit Date: 23 Oct 2006
Author: deena
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More Links about this Remedy: http://www.otan.us/webfarm/emailproject/rem.htm

does this actually work?


i have a deep chicken pok scar in the middle of my forhead, i hate it, will

this stuff actually get rid of it? because im sick of people asking if i was

shot in the head with a BB gun


Editor: The vitamin E remedy works best on new scars..on old scars I don't know

if they would work, but try the Vitamin E remedy for a few weeks and see what happens to your scar.