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Toothaches and the clovel cure

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Submit Date: 24 Dec 2002
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Author: micheal bissonnette
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Treatment used: cloves
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Country of Remedy: canada
Remedy Source: folklore
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Remedy Description

For tooth aches and or exposed tooth roots, use cloves as a pain killer.

For just a tooth ache use powdered clove on the affcted area {tooth and/or

surrounding gums}, for a exposed root and or an ache caused by an opend

hole with in the tooth, use the actual clove wrapped in an emptied tea bag

with in the wound. The clove will dispense the pain and will also kill the

root preventing future pains.

Important note: Using the clove on roots and opened wounds may cause an

absese {infection}. However, it will cure the pain and kill the root

preventing future pains. I have tested this when i broke half my front

tooth exposing the root, and on cavaties that started to ache.

PS: This is like a non-diluted version of original but tastes way worst.

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