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banana and the PSORIASIS cure

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Here is the program:

After bathing/showering (we like to suggest you use a 'clean soap' like glycerine soap)

you use a fresh banana peel!

Yep!! The same bananas you can buy at any store for pennies a pound....

Just peel a banana, and rub the inner soft skin (the one next to the banana) on your

patch of psoriasis.

The peel is the scrub. Rub it in good, and store the peel in a zip-lock bag, in a dry,

cool place for the next use...makeing sure that most of the air is out of the zip lock.

Out of one banana we have had at least 3 applications before another banana peel is needed.

Later, once your skin has absorbed the oils from the peel - we suggest you use a common

gentle skin creame to help keep the psoriasis patch soft. Adrian uses 'Sween' creame.

Other common creams and lotions often have dyes and perfumes etc. that will make the

psoriasis sting....so a simple cream with vitamins and maybe aloe is preferable.

Treat at least once and day and the nasty, white flakey skin will soften up and eventually

you will see a miraclous thing - pink healthy skin emerging...

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