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Colds and the whiskey and lemon tea cure

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Submit Date: 22 Dec 2002
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Author: hanssel mendiola
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Treatment used: whiskey lemon tea
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Country of Remedy: Switzerland
Remedy Source: International Student Home Remedies Project
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Remedy Description

In my country (Switzerland) we don't really have Home Remedies, it's easier

to go to the Doctor, you have one for each square mile and your insurance

pays for his services.

Although I remember when I was younger and I caught a cold that my mother

used to make me a hot tea with whisky and lemon which I had to drink in the

morning and at night before I went to bed. I think that it is really a nice

remedy because after two or three days I was healthy and felt very well.

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Comment: whskey and lemon seemed to work

Submit Date: 05 Mar 2004
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whskey and lemon seemed to work

Gee I don't know. I am 4 days into this cold (mostly runny nose) and the Irish

waitress said I

ll make you a whiskey drink which will cure you. There was whisky (something I

have never tasted before), a lemon slice studded with cloves and I don't know

what else and I swear I feel all better. Admittedly I was on the road to

recovery but really think this helped.

Comment: relieve coughs

Submit Date: 21 Aug 2005
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relieve coughs

I think that your mother had really good remedy. I am not ill often but as I

am with a cold I am ill long time. When I found out about your remedy I

decided to try that. This wasn't tasty for me ( I don't like whisky)but I was

surprised because after three days I felt much better. I recommended your

remeny other my friends.

Comment: Remedy worked!!

Submit Date: 28 Aug 2010
Author: Max
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Remedy worked!!


I also heard this one from an Irish friend, a while ago.

I did not find cloves at that moment but I replaced it with cinnamon that has also warm effect. Mixed tea,

lemon peel (so only the yellow part), cinnamon stick, honey and whisky. I drank this in the evening and the

next day after lunch. I drank also a lot of water and kept myself warm, and I felt really good afterwards.