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the real athletes foot cure with in 12 hours

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Author: lance gumtz
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Treatment used: none selenium, zinc deficiency kills within 12 hours
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Typical Dosage: unknownselenium 200 mg 3 times aday zinc 2 times a day 50mg
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Remedy Description

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selenium zinc deficiency biggest factors in promoting fungal growth.

silver filling mercury in your mouth can deplete seleniun, zinc in the

body causing a fungal infection. anemia is another cause fungal

infections take folic acid, b12, to much copper from birth control or

diet can deplete selenium, zinc and cause fungal infections. I suffered

for years with jock itch can tried numerious remedys this is the only

thing that curred me within 12 hours. the fungus is dead on your skin so

some itching continue until its gone. http://www.ithyroide.com click on other

diseases and get the simple cur

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jock itch, candida, athletes foot, or other fungus