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Gnats and mosquitos and brewers yeast remedy

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Submit Date: 13 Nov 2002
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Author: packie
Email Address: soundslikehome@yahoo.com
Treatment used: brewers yest, garlic, penyroyal oil and olive oil
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Country of Remedy: USA
Remedy Source: folklore
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Remedy Description

The best remedy for unwanted bugs around is to prevent them with brewers yeast and oderless garlic

any herb store should have these in capsules but it takes about 3 months to get in your system so

start in the winter it also works on animals even keeps the ticks off BUT... if you need to keep

bugs off with the quickness use 1/4 pennyroyal oil to olive oil IF YOU ARE NURSING OR PREG. DO NOT


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Comment: use of Brewers yeast

Submit Date: 12 Dec 2002
Author: StarLady
Email Address: star_lady_2@yahoo.com
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use of Brewers yeast


Folks this is one of the best remedies for insect bites. I have used it for

years and have gotten way less bites than other people. Also it is a good

source for B vitamins. You can even buy the kind you sprinkle over food.