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Treating high blood sugar with coconut oil and HUMALOG

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Submit Date: 16 May 2008
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Treatment used: coconut oil
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Remedy Description

my experience with anything over 300 is that I become more IR and need larger amount than normal to get me back to where I need to be.

I did a major no no on friday evening - went out to mexican meal with hubby and thought "hey I will just bolus after my meal" yeah right!!!!

I was battling 375 all nite long. I did my small correction bolus and tested every 2 hours until I got myself back down to below 180.

The next day I was being real good to keep me at a lower BS level but my body just did not want to stay there.

For me at least when I go over 300 it takes me several days to get back in the pink so to speak and I do in with small frequent amounts of novolog and lots and

lots of testing.

I am trying coconut oil as a supplement and it seems to help with highs. It also raises your metabolism and for an 57 year old lady it feel like hot flashes all

over again


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