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alpha lipoic acid and peripheral neuropathy cure

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Treatment used: alpha lipoic acid evening primrose oi , olive leaf oil
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Remedy Description

posts on benefits of Lipoic acid from Google groups alt.support.diabetes

Source: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.support.diabetes/browse_frm/thread/ef55405bfa031bae/706a8a1b78de0b30?lnk=gst&q=lipoic+acid+supplement#706a8a1b78de0b30

**Lipoic acid improves nerve conduction so helps some diabetics with

peripheral neuropathy either by itself or in conjunction with gamma

linoleic acid, GLA found in evening primrose oil.


***Alpha-lipoic acid in liver metabolism and disease.

"R-alpha-Lipoic acid is found naturally occurring as a prosthetic group

in alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase complexes of the mitochondria, and as

such plays a fundamental role in metabolism. ... it has the ability to

alter the redox status of cells and interact with thiols and other

antioxidants. Therefore, it appears that this compound has important

therapeutic potential in conditions where oxidative stress is involved.

... A common response in these trials was an increase in glucose uptake,

but increased plasma levels of pyruvate and lactate were also observed,

suggesting that an inhibitory effect on the pyruvate dehydrogenase

complex was occurring." PMID: 9607614


***What I have read many times is that there are lots of theories about

how ALA works, but none of them are proven. So while I am glad it

helped with my neuropathy, and cite what sounds reasonable to me, I

certainly wouldn't claim to know for sure.

That explanation, BTW, is that ALA, as the only anti-oxidant that is

both fat and water soluble, can migrate to and effectively remove

free radicals in parts of the body, such as the nerve sheathes where

the nerve damage causing neuropathy occurs. Other anti-oxidants,

being only water or fat soluble, cannot get to those places. Sounds

very plausible to me, the weak point being the assumption that free

radicals are involved in neuropathy, an assumption that hasn't, to my

knowledge, been proven.

Which does not make me any less pleased with the results...


****Dr. Bernstein has a couple of pages on alpha lipoic acid and now

r-lipoic acid or r-alpha lipoic acid in his book "Diabetes Solution" 2nd

and 3rd editions.

Bernstein describes ALA as an "insulin mimetic" which transports glucose

into muscle tissue, much like insulin, but it doesn't entail fat

storage. Does this sound too good to be true? It's working for me as


He says that ALA plus evening primrose oil works well to reduce or

eliminate painful neuropathy, as many of us know, and advises patients

injecting insulin to titrate their insulin dosages downward depending on

how much ALA they take.

In his 2nd edition, for neuropathy, he was recommending Jarrow Sustain

time release ALA in dosages of 600 mg every 8 hours along with 1000 mg

of EPO and advised insulin users to expect to reduce their insulin by 30%.

In his 3rd edition, for neuropathy, he is recommending Insulow, an r-ALA

and has reduced the dosage recommendation to 200 mg. every 8 hours along

with 1000 mg of EPO.

Insulow's package describes its ALA form as r-ALA. I've seen r-lipoic

acid in nutrition stores. I'm assuming it's the same stuff. Insulow is

available through Amazon.com.

Personally, I found that Insulow was more potent at mimicking insulin

than Jarrow Sustain, but I did


****I actually ordered r-LA to take for an additional antioxidant. I was

pleasantly surprised to learn it lowered my blood sugar. While we're

sharing info, I am also taking olive leaf extract that I ordered from

the same place. I think this may be a good supplement for diabetics

too, especially if you are not taking an ACE inhibitor (I am not

taking one, because my blood pressure is good). Olive leaf extract

lowers the blood pressure, which helps protect the kidneys, in

additional to boosting the immune system. It has no side effects, is

all natural and safe

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