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Skin tags and the vicks vapor rub cure

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Submit Date: 18 Apr 2008
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Treatment used: vicks vapor rub
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Remedy Source: "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Peter Gott, Newspaper Columnist, April 17, 2008
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Remedy Description

Source: "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Peter Gott, Newspaper Columnist, April 17, 2008

Q: Vicks has to be one of the most important items in my medicine cabinet. A few months ago, I had a really bad sinus infection and relied on Vicks to help me

breathe. I rubbed it onto my chest, neck and under my nose. After a few weeks, I noticed that I had some black spots under the folds of my neck. I easily wiped

them away with a washcloth, and then discovered that about five small skin tags had disappeared. The smallest went first, and now I am working on a few of the

larger ones, which are shrinking every day.

I was so inspired that I decided to try Vicks on the dry skin splits on my fingers. It healed them, too! I then decided to try it on a small sore on my ear.

Again, success. I have started to think that Vicks may be as close to a cure-all as ever will be, although I should probably be cautious about where I use it!

A: Your experience with Vicks is common. Many folks use it, successfully, for a variety of ailments. Better still is the fact that I have not heard of any bad

reactions to Vicks or its store-brand counterparts.

Continue to use it, and let me know of any further success stories. If others have similar reactions, perhaps I will have to make a second or more comprehensive

"Compelling Home Remedies" Health Report to include all the new alternative uses for Vicks and similar products. Thanks for writing.

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Comment: it works!!!!!!!!!

Submit Date: 29 Nov 2010
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More Links about this Remedy: http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/gott1.asp

it works!!!!!!!!!


my son was diagonosed with juvenile plantar dermatosis at a very young age and

we spent so much money on dermotologist , creams etc.. finally one day my

father inlaw told me well you have tried everything else how about try vicks

vapor rub... well in 2 weeks it cured it something so simple i had spent so

much worry , and time trying everything. still 5 years later it has not come

back what ever it did it killed it. Thanks Vicks!