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Chicken Pox, Itching, and Oatmeal Baths

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Submit Date: 23 May 2002
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Remedy Source: Natural Home Remedies, Rodale Press, Mark Bricklin, 1982
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Remedy Description

To stop the itching:

"Cook up a serving of oatmeal and put it in a cloth bag

made from two thickness of a old sheet or other suitable

material. (I put the oatmeal in the center of a large

square -15 to 18 inches -- and drew up the corners, tying

them securely with string to make a pouch). Float this

in a tub of warm water, switshing it around till the water

beomes silky, being careful not to break the bag. If you

do you'll have a slimy mess!

"Let your child splash and play in the water...the pouch

of oatmeal can still be in the tub. Be sure the water

goes over all the scabs, but do not allow your child to

get chilled. Do this 2 to 3 times a day do to the itchness

of the scabs"

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