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first thing I would suggest is that whatever you consider doing you speak to your homeopath about it

before you begin to insure that it will not interfere with whatever else is going on especially since most

competent homeopaths are not merely going after the presenting complaints but are working more


okay, here we go...

for potato water - which always has worked to dissolve and prevent re-forming of kidney stones and

sometimes on gallstones...for acute and chronic...

take a bunch of potatoes (do you like my careful measurements?) and then double or triple the water in

which you would normally cook them. then wash and take out any sprouts in the eyes but do not peel.

cook them in the extra water, boiling just as you would normally do. remove the 'taters and keep them to

eat whenever...and you now have potato water, medicine extraordinaire!

some folks prefer it warm (me) some prefer it cooled... it doesn't matter. drink about 6-8 ounces

immediately and then drink another 2-3 glasses full in small amounts the first day (even more if you are

in acute throes of pain etc.). keep the "juice" refrigerated, it will be good for 4-5 days. you can add garlic

powder, cayenne powder, whatever other herbs you enjoy or are using medicinally. it will taste good with

or without the herbs/seasonings. dont add salt.

the water contains wonderfully balanced amounts of magnesium and potassium which is my guess about

why it works and how I first thought to experiment with it numerous years back, when my best buddy

neighbor - a really huge and powerful man - was downed with kidney stones and all I could do at the time

was rush him to a hospital...

drink at least 8 ounces a day for a good long while, if you have a chronic stone problem. this works

because most stones are made of calcium oxalate and are formed because of poor calcium assimilation

(which also means that your body is pulling calcium out of your bones and might suggest a risk for

osteoporosis or other bone difficulties).

re: castor oil/ginger packs...

first slice up some ginger root and create a decoction - the cell walls of the root are dense and strong so

that steeping them will not release much of the medicinal qualities... therefore it is necessary to bring to

boil and then simmer covered, for about 20 minutes. the water should be about triple the volume of the


rub the cold-pressed castor oil on the upper abdominal area to get to regions including liver, spleen,

kidneys, gall bladder, etc... I usually warm the oil first. take a fairly thick muslim or cotton (preferably

organic, but who ever knows these days?) cloth and soak it in the ginger decoction. spread this cloth over

the castor oiled area. cover with a thick beach towel, top with a hot water bottle and cover all of this

(wrapping your middle-self up if possible) with a thick blanket. keep on for a good hour or longer the first

time or two, after that you may choose to do this for shorter periods... changing or stopping when things

cool down.

within 5 minutes of the heat &ginger on top of the castor oil getting through to your abdomen you are

likely to feel a "chemical-like burning" sensation in your abdomen - most likely in the organ that needs

your attention, be it liver, gallbladder, kidney, whatever...this will most likely only last a few minutes...

and it indicates the beginning of the self-correction that the organ will be doing under the influence of the

above formula.

As of this writing I have never had a client who suffered with chronic kidney or gallbladder stones for

whom this did not deal with the painful episodes and, after a few weeks, end the chronic problem. the

longer you have had the chronic problem, the longer it may take. you might want to do this twice a day

for the first few days, then once a day for a week or so, then cut down (if you wish) to 4-5 times a week

and continue gradually cutting down as your system tells you to do so. you may choose to do this once or

twice a week for years... most folks with these problems find this treatment feels wonderful, once they

have gotten used to it.

HOWEVER, one quick note - if the stones have already entered the bladder,or urethra, which is when the

pain becomes unbearable, this will not deal with those stones.

but I learned a trick from a book called "where there is no doctor" which is the central American version

of the Chinese barefoot doctor's manual... drink a lot of water (preferably with a diuretic in it such as

sassafrass, celery, parsley, juniper berry, uva ursi, etc.) and then lie down on an angle, with your legs

higher than your head. sometimes this will force the stones to be painfully but quickly passed...tho I have

never seen this happen...what does happen is that often this will allow a stone in the bladder to roll back

and free the opening to the urinary tube. once this happens the acute horrific pain will stop immediately.

then we begin dissolving the stones using the potato water and herbal poultices such as hops and lobelia

and oral use of gravel root, comfrey, corn silk and uva ursi (some herbalists also add horsetail which is

okay as long as you dot do this herb too often because it has a very high silica content and easily becomes

a proving).

Homeopathically for acute cases I find that homeopathic belladonna, arnica, calc-c, silicea, uva-ursi or

urtica urens will often correct the situation as well as provide almost immediate relief. I usually use these

in a 30x potency for this purpose. BUT DO NOT USE THESE OR ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE




and here are a few more hints regarding gallstones in particular: Gallbladder removal is on eof the most

common preventable surgeries. It is related to obesity, to some extent. But it is closely correlated with

constipation. The highly respected British medical journal, Lancet, reported back in 92 or 93 that

research in Britain proved this connection. It seems that women of normal weight with gallstones took

nearly 30% longer to pass food through the entire digestive system and had nearly half the weight of feces

elimination when compared to women without gallstones! Also, according to Italian researchers at the

Padova Institute of Internal Medicine in 1991, milk thistle reduces cholesterol (read fats) in the

gallbladder which condition precedes gallstone formation. It would take 30-45 days to achieve the desired

effect, as supporting the body in its natural functions is not a quick fix most of the time.

Even tho I spoke of the connection between obesity and gallstones, it behooves me to warn you NOT to try

any of the quick weight loss programs which tend to leave bile stagnating in the gallbladder which could

increase the possibility of gallstone formation. Lecithin, a food supplement derived usually from soybeans

(also found in eggwhites but the extraction process is much more expensive), increases the bile's capacity

to break down fats so it will help dissolve and prevent cholesterol-type gallstones. Vitamin E may also

help prevent or dissolve gallstones due to diets high in saturated fats.

The old naturopaths used to mix about 2 ounces of beet juice with 15 ounces of carrot juice every day to

start treating their gallstone patients. As they got used to the drink, the concentration of beets to carrots

was very gradually raised to about 50%. Nowadays concentrated beet products in tablet and powder form

are now available.

The old naturopaths also designed a wonderful gall-bladder flush which I have experimented with

successfully. In your blender, every morning several hours before eating any solid foods, mix the

following: 1 tablespoon olive oil (or 50/50 olive and flaxoil), the juice and pulp of one half to one whole

lemon and 3-5 cloves of raw garlic. This will not be real easy to drink but if my co-experimentors and I

could chug it down, virtually anyone can do so. We did this for one week... chronic gall problems might

require a longer regimen to flush and some regular repetition to maintain a cholesterol and toxin-free


One last point - diets high in sugar slow down transit time through the digestive tract and increase the

level of toxic substances in the lower bowel and also increase the total bile acids and stool concentrations

of bile acids. The longer fecal matter remains in the colon the greater the chance of developing bowel

problems, including colon cancer. Since high intake of sugar leads to increased amounts of bile acids in

the colon, our bodies produce more deoxycholic acid (created by colon bacteria working on the bile). This

acid reduces the solubility of cholesterol in the bile, keeping the fats from breaking down inside the

gallbladder. Cholesterol stones begin to form. Cholesterol stones will respond to the castor-oil/ginger

treatment which tends to help all your abdominal organs and systems work better. Cholesterol stones will

PROBABLY NOT be dissolved by the potato water method.

Kidney stones will also respond to the carrot/beet juice treatment for some people and is also dependent

upon bowel health as well as the proper calcium/magnesium/potassium relationships. Whole grain

consumption rather than refined, processed grains, can help prevent stone formation in both the kidney

and the gallbladder. The high fiber content in whole grains, fruits and vegetables improve your bowel

movements. In addition whole grain fibers and beans and unsprouted seeds also contain high

concentrations of phytic acid. Phytic acid is not absorbed through the intestines. It binds to minerals like

calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc to carry the excesses out of the body which, according to an

article in Lancet from nearly 20 years ago, lowers the chances of excess levels of these minerals being

absorbed through the intestines thereby decreasing the chances for colon cancer and kidney stones.

Regarding the calcium in stones - only about 1/3 of patents who complain of kidney stone problems have

excess urinary calcium. These folks should not be taking a calcium supplement. For the rest of the stone-

formers, limiting calcium intake is liable to worsen the situation and lead to other problems as well...while

the intake of proper amounts of vit d, boron, silica (trace amounts of the latter two), magnesium and

potassium will lead to better calcium assimilation for nearly all stone-sufferers.

Vitamin A(via the carotenes as long as your liver function is normal) and Vitamin B6 can also help

prevent stones. Sugar, salt, caffeine and foods high in oxalates can increase the chance of stone formation

so it is a good idea to avoid instant coffees, cocoa, black tea, cooked spinach, beet tops, rhubarb, and

peanuts. Vegetarians are less likely to have stone problems than meat eaters.

The last point I wish to make in this paper is that cadmium toxicity seems to lead to kidney stone

problems. The British Journal of Urology in 1982 reported on a study that showed only 3.5% of the

English population has problems with kidney stones, while nearly 40% of workers exposed to cadmium

were stone-formers! Cadmium blocks absorption of zinc, iron, calcium and other minerals and collects

in the kidneys. One indicator for cadmium toxicity is to have both a kidney stone problem and high blood

pressure that resists all efforts at control. The minerals that cadmium interferes with use the same

assimilation sites in our intestines as the cadmium so that if you suffer from both conditions and suspect

cadmium toxicity you should supplement with iron, calcium and zinc as well as selenium which can offer

a lot of protection from the cadmium. Selenium is a trace mineral co-factor to vitamin E. It should be

taken in relationship to, if not with, the vitamin at a ratio of 50mcg to 400IU. That's 50 micrograms, not

milligrams of selenium to 400 IU of the natural vitamin E. Eating foods rich in selenium is always a

good idea... these include garlic, nutritional yeast, whole grains, tuna fish and sesame seeds.

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