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Staph and the bleeding and peroxide cure

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Remedy Description

There's a really nasty variation on staph that you can get from

ingesting a concentration of the bacteria, i.e. when somebody gets their staph

pus in your food. About a half hour after eating, you start to get dizzy

and in about 5 minutes, you start puking, and you're really sick for a few

days or maybe more. I've had it a couple of times.

> The best preventative is washing one's hands so not to spread the

> bacteria.

Well, sorta. See, you can't really prevent an infection from starting,

because staph is everywhere. If you get cut, you're probably going to have

some staph bacteria in the wound immediately if you got cut by something that

isn't outright sterile.

What you -have- to do is prevent the infection from taking off. The

local wisdom in Hawaii where stap is really common is to let the cut bleed

out on its own, then cover it with a bandaid or similar sterile dressing.

Leave that in place for a day or so until the skin closes, then wash it

with peroxide ONLY. Keep washing it with peroxide several times a day until

it stops bubbling. If it doesn't stop bubbling after 4 or 5 days, or

the cut gets bigger, it means the infection is growing faster than you can

fight it, and you need professional help.

There should be some public health service in most areas that will

treat you for free -- because it IS a PUBLIC health issue, and most

communities don't want staph hippies pussing up their nice towns. What I mean is,

it doesn't need to be a trip to the ER. It's not THAT big a deal

medically, but it CAN be a big deal if let go.

If you have cuts on your hands, you shouldn't be handling food at all.

And no, rubber gloves don't cut it. Damn gloves! All they do is make

people dumb down and pay less attention to real hygene. Put on the gloves and they

think like "it's all good now". I've seen guys go from mopping the floor to

handling food without changing gloves. If you have an infected cut, and wear

gloves, all that festering is gonna turn into super festering because it locks

in the moisture.

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