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Staph and the peroxide cure

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Remedy Description

Staph is a bacteria. I treated many a cut when I lived on Maui.

Surfers would get cuts, and they'd develop into big pus craters. You

treat it with peroxide. and keep it covered with gauze and keep it

dry. More peroxide every couple of hours, and if it doesn't dry out

and start to heal in a couple of days, see a "real" doctor.

Untreated staph can kill. At a certain point, the infection will

"generalize", and start ripping thru the entire bloodstream. At that

point, you MUST see a doctor and/or get into the hospital. I've seen

people dink around with goldenseal, garlic, tape plastic bags over it,

yada for weeks, watching that crater get bigger and redder, until wham

-- they can't get out of bed one morning.

Also, just because a cut closes, does not mean it's not infected. I

stepped on a nail a few years back, and the skin healed, but I still

had an infection inside me. Feel for swelling and tenderness on a

closed cut you suspect to be infected. If that happens, get some


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