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Sleep apnea and the tennis ball cure.

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Submit Date: 27 Aug 2007
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Treatment used: tennis ball.
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Remedy Source: "Ask the Dr", Dr Gott, newspaper columnist, Aug 26,2007
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Remedy Description

My late husband was diagnosed with

sleep apnea. He was pre-

scribed the machine and

valiantly slept with it for more

than 10 months.

Last November, he became

very ill with double pneumo-

nia and lung bacteria. He was

under the care of a different

pulmonary doctor during this

time. When he came home,

we visited the new doctor,

who said that my husband

had sleep apnea when he

slept on his back but not

when he slept on his side. He

asked me if I could sew. I do.

He told me to take a T-shirt,

sew a patch of cloth on the

back of it and insert a tennis

ball. My husband was to sleep

with this shirt.

It solved the sleep apnea

problem for him.

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